What is Teen Patti and how is it played?

In Teen Patti, the standard 52-card deck is used and the jokers are removed. The game is usually played with between 3 and 6 players. Each player is dealt 3 cards face down. The dealer then deals 2 more cards face down in the middle of the table, these are referred to as the “community cards”.

To start the game, each player places an ante into the pot. The player to the left of the dealer then starts the betting. They can either bet or check. If they bet, then each player must either call (match their bet), raise (bet more), or fold (give up their hand). This continues until all players have called or folded.

If all but one player folds, then that player wins the pot and no further cards are dealt. If two or more players remain after the betting round is complete, then a further 4 community cards are dealt face up in the middle of the table (these are referred to as “the turn” and “the river”). These are followed by a final round of betting before any remaining players show their hands to determine who wins the pot solitaire Game.

The best hand

The aim of Teen Patti is to make the best possible 5-card hand using any combination of your 3-hole cards and/or the 5 community cards. The ranking of hands from highest to lowest is as follows:

1) Straight flush: A straight flush is a hand that contains five cards in sequence that are all of the same suit e.g. 10♣ J♣ Q♣ K♣ A♣.

2) Four of a kind: A four of a kind is a hand that contains all four cards of one rank e.g. 9♥ 9♦ 9♠ 9♣ K♦.

3) Full house: A full house is a hand that contains three cards of one rank and two cards of another rank e.g K♦ K♥ K♠ 9♥ 9♠.

4) Flush: A flush is a hand where all five cards are of the same suite..g J♦ 10♦ 7♦ 6♦ 4♦.

5) Straight: A straight is a hand that contains five cards in sequence e..g 8♥ 9 ♦ 10 ♥ J ♥ Q ♥.

6) Three of a kind: A three of a kind is a hand that contains three cards of one rank e..g 10♥ 10♦ 10♠ Q♠ 6♥.

7) Two pair: A two pair is a hand that contains two pairs e..g Q♥ Q♦ 4♣ 4♥ K♠ .