Up Your Game With Real-Time 49’s UK Lunch and Tea Results and Drawing History at YesPlay!

You know how they say that US Powerball, with its mega-big jackpots, changed the world of lottery betting entirely? Well, buckle up, as you are about to meet the next best thing in the world of international lotteries – 49’s UK! This game is an absolute must-try for every die-hard lottery lover within the United Kingdom and as far away from it as in South Africa. The game is fun as heck, and its two daily drawings – the Lunchtime and the Teatime session – take place just often enough to keep you entertained during the whole week. But that is not all there is to it, as UK 49’s is also a very generous game with some of the best odds a lottery this big can offer. If you aren’t a dedicated fan yet, YesPlay will ensure you become one!

How does the UK 49’s lottery play?

UK 49’s is a lottery with two daily draws – the Lunchtime game occurring just around your typical lunch break at 14:49 SAST and the Teatime game scheduled to take place every evening at 19:49 SAST. Both drawings have the same 6/49 format, meaning there are 49 balls involved, and six are picked randomly. Additionally, there is a bonus ball included that not only makes it more fun but also gives players a chance to scoop an even bigger reward.

One way for South Africans to try their luck playing the UK 49’s lunchtime or teatime lotteries is to do so online via specialized betting services like YesPlay. These websites utilize the so-called Lucky Numbers fixed-odds betting system that allows bettors from South Africa to join an international lottery draw and bet on various outcomes associated with the game instead of participating in it directly (which is prohibited by SA law).

The two significant benefits of playing Lucky Numbers lotteries at YesPlay:

  • Fairer rules and better winning odds: when betting on Lucky Numbers lotteries, players always know how much they stand to win and can change their betting amount accordingly. In addition, the winner will not have to split their reward with others who bet on the same numbers.
  • A better choice of betting markets: in Lucky Numbers betting, players have access to additional betting markets that might include betting on Odd/Even balls, Lowest/Highest balls, Unlucky numbers, Divisible numbers, etc.

One must understand that no Lucky Numbers bettors can win the jackpot as they do (however rarely) in the parimutuel wagering system, but the advantages mentioned above far outweigh this single drawback.