Understanding Single Bet Strategy in Sports Betting

Single bet is a little known betting system used only by the most dedicated sports gamblers. Yet it has been extremely profitable for us and many others we know who have tried this strategy.

The reason single bet is not well known probably has to do with the fact that, until recently, there were very few opportunities to employ this strategy. Many sportsbook singapore sites and the likes didn’t exist when single bets were popular several years ago, so no one had a reason to share this information.

Single bet is a favorite strategy used by professional gamblers, but it’s also ideal for recreational players who just want to have fun betting on sports. It provides an excellent alternative to the multiple bet strategy because of its simplicity and low risk.

Also, single bets are called that way not because they’re only used one time, but because you place only one selection in the bet.

How Does a Single Bet Work?

In single bet strategy, bettors place their money on only one selection with higher chances of winning. For example, if you want to place a bet on your favorite team that will win the game against its opponent, then it is better to place the bet on a single selection for that match.

Other than betting on win, people who use single bet strategy also bet on the draw and loss of their favorite team.

The single bet can also be known as a “Straight Up” bet, “Limp” or “Unit”.

Most professional gamblers agree that winning in sports betting is more effective when you stick with one selection only. It is suggested that you should always bet on one selection and not more than that. After all, your money is better spent if you bet on a single selection only.

The single bet strategy is ideal for those who like to take risks and are well informed of the rules, regulations and other related details of the game being played. In addition, it is easier to win with this betting system because there are no alternate options that have to be considered by punters before placing a bet.

Using this betting system is also considered as a challenge to the punters as it involves more research and analysis on their part. This means that wrong bets will lead to substantial losses.

Are there any advantages of placing a single bet?

Placing a single bet is quicker and easier than placing multiple small bets. For example, if you bet $10 per race on horse races then you would place 10 individual bets which is a total of $100.

There are other advantages to placing single bets in game betting. If you place multiple smaller bets over the course of a game there is always the possibility that your bet will not be included and you won’t win. If you place a single bet then this will be included automatically so there’s no chance that your bet will be lost due to non-inclusion.

You also have the advantage of getting better odds with a single bet because you’re betting more money each time and this usually attracts better odds on such bets.

Is it advisable to use a single bet for sports betting or is it not as good an option?

It’s advisable to place multiple smaller bets so that you spread your money across more outcomes. If you’re going for a game bet then one of the outcomes has to win so if there are 6 teams playing and you only have 1 team selected to win then there’s a good chance that your bet will be lost.

Single bets are popular in game betting, especially for horse racing  where there is a great deal of choice and sometimes it can be difficult to find value on multiple smaller bets.

For point spread betting (for example, basketball betting) the single bet isn’t as good an option as you’re giving up the opportunity to hedge your bets.

Are there any disadvantages of placing a single bet?

There are some disadvantages to placing single bets.  For example,  if you bet with first-half results and one of the teams scores in the last 2 minutes then your result may be lost if they don’t add on the remaining time and your bet will be invalidated.

If you place a game parlay then the grand total of all your bets must equal $10 otherwise the odds will automatically be lowered. For example, say you placed $5 per team and 5 teams are required to win for your parlay to pay out but only 4 teams won then they would deduct $5 from the final parlay amount and you would only win $5). For this reason, it’s best to make sure that your single bets are less than $10.

If you place a unit bet then it will be subject to the maximum bet limits of bookmakers so avoid placing a unit bet with bookmakers who have a high maximum bet limit as you will have to split your bet into several smaller bets.


The main significance of a single bet in sports betting is that it’s more income for the  sportsbook singapore sites and other bookmakers. Many other advantages and disadvantages exist, but they’re mainly down to how much you know about sports betting and how you prefer to handle your bets.