Most Common Blackjack Misconceptions – Infographics

One famous casino game that many gamblers love and can be quickly learned by novices is Blackjack. It is a game well loved because many people think it is also easy to make a good amount of money. However, their expectations of the game tend to change when they start to lose it.

In truth, many people still have misconceptions about the game, and Singapore pools odds have listed them down below:

The Main Goal is to Get Close to 21

Getting close to 21 can indeed help a gambler win, but chances of losing a bet can still happen even when you have a good hand or when the dealer has a lousy upcard. When gamblers start to ignore the dealer’s upcard and focus on their cards—hitting on 12-14 to reach 21without seeing card count—losing is inevitable. 

But a winning chance can happen when the dealer busts because they can have an upcard of 4-6 if the dealer had drawn a hard or soft 17, depending on the table rules.

Blackjack Basic Strategy is Intense

Going down to basics can involve thinking before a gambler decides whether to hit or stand. Unfortunately, because of the many things needed to be remembered about the basic strategy, people often think it is too intense and hard to remember.

Singapore pools sports suggest that gamblers only need time to practice and read a blackjack essential strategy guide.

However, regular practice, even on online blackjack games and applying the basic strategies, does a load of advantage for a gambler in making their game decisions.

Bad Players Hurt a Gambler’s Chances of Winning

It’s time to stop the blame game because of lousy players who “ruin” a game. While many gamblers still believe this, there is a truth that a player’s wrong decision could be another player’s win.

Know more blackjack misconceptions to break by checking out this infographic.
Most Common Blackjack Misconceptions