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There are many eat-and-run customers who eat at a restaurant and disappear without paying the bill. More often than not, these eat-and-runners will come back a few months or a year after their meal with a new identity to eat at the same restaurant again free of charge.

This is exactly what happened last week when an eat-and-runner returned as another person to eat another meal at the same restaurant for free—only this time they were caught on video by the security cameras installed in the establishment.

The 먹튀검증 was able to find out that he had been seen on a security camera by his friend who works as a waiter in the same restaurant where he ate for free last year. The eat-and-runner and his friend eat at the same restaurant often, and last year the eat-and-runner ate a meal for free using low-quality fakes id’s. His friend says that eat-and-runners have been doing this since he started working as a waiter five years ago.

The eat-and-runner told his friend that he was able to eat at the same restaurant again because this time around, instead of using fakes IDs, he used someone else’s real id. He claims that he knows the person whose id he used and says that they are basically friends with benefits.

This eat-and-runner is one of many eat-and-runners who feel no guilt for not paying their bills. Most eat-and-runners say it is everyone else’s fault because if the owner installed a better quality security camera or if the waiter asked for more identification, then eat-and-runners wouldn’t be able to eat for free. “It isn’t my fault—the dining establishment should take all necessary precautions so eat-and-runners have a harder time eating for free,” eat-and-runner said.

The owner of the restaurant says he has tried everything to prevent eat-and-runners from eating at his establishment. He has installed higher quality security cameras around the building, but eat-and-runners are always able to escape before they get caught on camera. At first, eat-and-runners would leave immediately after they finished their meal because this was when they were caught on camera. Now eat-and-runners stay until closing time and eat as much as possible before leaving. “It’s like eaters think that if they eat more food then it will be harder to catch them on tape,” says the owner, who also says that eat-and-runners eat at his establishment four or five times a week.

The eat-and-runner who was caught on camera said that even though he has been caught eating for free, he will not stop dining and dashing. He claims he is making the restaurant owner’s life easier because the eat-and-runners are stealing food from him anyway since they eat without paying their bill.