How fantasy games are played


Fantasy games are usually played in groups of 3-6 people, although some can be played with just two people. One player typically takes on the role of Dungeon Master or Game Master (DM/GM), while the others play as adventurers or heroes. The DM/GM creates the adventure for the group, decides how NPCs will react to them, and adjudicates any rules questions that come up during play.

Players typically meet up in person to play Fantasy App games, although there are some online options available as well. The group will agree on a time and place to meet, and then they will set up their gaming area – this might be someone’s living room or a kitchen table, or it could be at a local game store or library meeting room.

To start playing, each player will create a character that they will control throughout the adventure. Characters have various stats that determine their strengths and weaknesses – for example, strength determines how much damage they can deal in combat, while intelligence affects how well they can solve puzzles. Players customize their characters to fit their preferred playstyle – some might want to focus on combat while others prefer social interactions or puzzle-solving challenges.

Once all of the characters have been created, the DM/GM will describe the scene where the adventure begins. The players then take turns describing what actions their characters take – for example, if one player’s character wants to pick a lock, they would need to roll dice to see if they are successful. If multiple characters want to do something at once, like trying to calm down an angry tavern patron, then dice may not be necessary – instead, players can simply take turns narrating what happens. Depending on what actions are taken, different things could happen – sometimes an NPC might give information about quest objectives, and other times combat might break out. It’s up to the DM/GM to keep things moving along according to whatever plan they had in mind when creating the adventure. At some point, hopefully after defeating any bosses or overcoming whatever challenges were presented, the group will reach the end goal of the adventure and ‘win’ the game.”