Baccarat – What You Need To Know About This Casino Game

Every now and then, people enjoy testing their luck and playing a game of chance. One of the many ways they’re able to achieve this is through casino games. Although there’s always the risk of not winning and losing money in some rounds, it’s the rush of excitement and the possibility of winning that wins them over. While many casino games require strategies to win, one game that managed to stay at the top of popular card games and need no complex strategy is baccarat. 

History of Baccarat

Baccarat was initially known as baccara, which is equivalent to “zero” in Italian. However, the French spelling “baccarat” was later adopted and the game name used worldwide. Though there were conflicting reports on the origins of the game stating that it started in France while others were saying it came from the south-central European country called Italy, it had since then became a favorite game played by French nobility. 

When people were introduced to the concept of casinos, the card game quickly became a popular game that people played in secret when it was declared illegal in the 1800s. And now, it continues to be a popular casino game played from all over the world by people of all ages and budgets in any land-based casino or baccarat site. 

Different Versions of Baccarat

Did you know that there are different variants of the game? You’ve probably heard or know only one or two if you’ve been to a land-based casino or played in an online casino before. But if you don’t, then continue reading and you will know all the game variants by the end of this article. 

Punto Banco – Punto refers to the players while banco means the bank. Different from the other variants in that it has three dealers, the game participants only play against the house and not against the other participants. They place bets on either the player or the bank getting a higher card total score, or it could also be a tie. 

Mini-Baccarat – This is another version of baccarat, only this time it involves lower stakes. Players still don’t get to pick up the cards and it’s only the croupier or dealer who can. But it is very popular among Asian individuals because of the lower betting limit. To win, participants must bet on the hand who they think will get a higher card score. 

Chemin de Fer – Known to be the French version of the game, players this time get to actively participate by picking up the cards distributed by the “banker.” Instead of seven decks of cards, players who will all get the chance of being the banker will be using six decks which will be distributed face down. A third card may be drawn and you may be facing 13 other participants for each game. 

Baccarat Banque – On the other hand, this game variation lets you use three decks of cards while only one player gets to play the role of the game’s “banker” throughout the game. The banker is usually someone who has made the biggest bet or could be the first person to join the game. 

Now, there may be different variations of baccarat but it’s still a game of chance that will excite even newbies to the game.