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4 Must Haves for New Poker Players

If you’re new to poker and finding it challenging, don’t worry! Everyone struggles at first. You’re competing against people who may have millions of hands of experience behind them. Additionally, they could be using software to improve their poker playing. So, the first thing new players need to do is ensure they have the essentials in place when they gamble online. Fortunately for our readers, we are going to share the “must haves” for budding poker enthusiasts online.

Cheat Sheet

For aspiring part-time professionals or recreational players, knowing the rules is imperative. It can be so easy to forget what hand value beats what or essential tips. Luckily the best poker training sites have awesome guides to help you. You can download a Texas Hold’em cheat sheet for free from these sites so be sure to get your copy. We recommend Texas Hold’em Questions, but there are other training sites too that give free guides.


This acronym might look weird to you but its just another way of saying heads up display. This is sophisticated poker stat tracking software that reveals key stats on your opponents. Unfortunately, you can’t get these for free unless you play on GGPoker which has one in built known as a smart hud. But, it’s a necessary investment in our opinion as most players will be using them themselves. It’s worth pointing that some sites don’t allow HUDs so you may want to research which ones ban them and stick to playing on them.

Good Setup

As awesome as 4G is and our phones are, they are not the best environment to play online poker with. Therefore, we always urge readers to build a good setup for your poker playing. We think a desktop or laptop, with a good chair and desk, free of distractions is a must have. This will help you play your A game and keep you focused. Poker is a taxing activity mentally so you need to ensure you have an ideal environment for playing. Invest in a great computer and get the best broadband provider and its one less thing to worry about when playing online.

Hand Charts

Knowing the right hands to play and from what position is tricky. This tip is useful for players of all experiences. Some of it may seem intuitive for veterans but there’s always some that may surprise you. That’s where hand charts come in. These are tables that suggest what hands you should open raise with from specific seats at the table. It’s a handy way of removing human emotion when entering the pot.

For new players, this is a must as you may find patience a problem at the start of your poker career. If you get junk for 4 orbits, even ace three off suit can seem appealing, but with hand charts to help, you will quickly realise what hands are likely to generate profit and which ones will cost you money. Charts are great for both cash and tournament so no excuses!

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