What is Toto?

Toto is a manner to play 먹튀검증 Sports Action wherein you are making more than one prediction at the effects of thirteen video games and may win more than one prize.

What do you want to play?

To play, you want to select out a Sports Action menu (to be had at lottery retailers, withinside the Province newspaper, or at www.bclc.com) and a Toto choice slip (to be had at lottery retailers).

How tons will your Toto price tag cost?

To decide your price tag cost, take an observation of the Systems Cost chart at the opposite facet of the Toto choice slip. Each set of thirteen predictions (one in step with sport) expenses 25¢. For certain calculations multiply the wide variety of predictions in Game 1 with the aid of using the wide variety of predictions in Game 2 and continue this manner thru to Game thirteen.

It will multiply the made of this 먹튀검증 calculation with the aid of using 25¢ to decide your overall price tag cost. The minimal guess in step with choice slip is $1 and the most in step with choice slip is $972.

How tons are you able to win?

Players efficiently predict the effects of all thirteen video games on a cutting-edge Toto Menu to win or proportion the Toto jackpot. Subsidiary prizes are offered for efficiently predicting the effects of eleven or 12 video games (win or proportion). If there aren’t any winners in all 3 categories, the prize pool will roll to the following Toto menu of the equal game.

The overall prize pool incorporates 60 in step with cent of Toto’s income for that menu. The prize pool is split equally: 20 in step with cent to the thirteen/thirteen prize class, 20 in step with cent to the 12/13 class, and 20 in step with cent to the 11/13 class. The price of all prizes is depending on each income and the wide variety of winners in every class.

Is there anything else you want to recognize earlier than you get started?

  • The cut-off time for having a bet can be the beginning of Game 1 at the chosen Toto menu
  • Up to 4 or 13-sport Toto menus can be to be at one time
  • Toto menus can be for one game only, anywhere possible
  • It is the only one menu that may be performed in step with a choice slip
  • Games 먹튀검증 from one menu cannot be blended with video games from every other menu
  • The result of any sport that isn’t performed, is incomplete, is suspended or canceled withinside the time body of the Toto menu, can be scored as a canceled occasion and any of the 3 capability effects (Visitor, Tie, Home) can be deemed correct.