Slot – Red is Not bad

Most gamblers are a bit superstitious, but most of them do not admit it. You may have crossed your fingers or touched wood on some overwhelming casino moments. Most players are not conscious about these behaviors, but cultures have nurtured these beliefs for centuries, and it is more prominent in traditional land-based casinos. As expected, these age-old customs have extended to online casinos. There are some famous casino superstitions practiced all over the world.

Susceptible to various myths and superstitions

Gamblers playing at brick and mortar casinos or online casinos like EZ Slot are susceptible to various myths and superstitions. These erratic behaviors manifest in different forms; some gamblers get fond of some physical items or routines, some get addicted to a particular number or color. This phenomenon prevails both in traditional land-based and digital casinos. One of the prevailing superstitions of Asia is red is auspicious for wagering. Chinese gamblers are fonder of red, as they believe this brings prosperity and wealth. So, mostly they wear red shirts, trousers, shoes or red undergarments to attract fortune. In Macau, there are some red-colored casino halls to magnetize good luck.

In some cultures, it is assumed if a gambler crosses his legs while gambling, it will negate all winning opportunities. On the contrary, crossing fingers while gambling in both land-based and online casinos can augment winning possibilities. This superstition is universal across all types of casino games, be it slot or roulette, poker or blackjack.

The front doorway 

Many gamblers believe it is an omen of misfortune to walk through the front door. This conduct originated when bettors were compelled to walk through the jaws of a ferocious mammoth lion statue placed on the entrance of MGM Grand Casino. Though MGM has changed the entrance style, fear and superstition exist in the mind of many gamblers. Another typical superstition, mostly among card players, is not to count money on the gambling table. Most players think it attracts bad luck; others think it is impolite and unethical to count money at the gambling table.

Seven and thirteen

There are two predominant numbers, seven and thirteen, which are considered fortunate and ill-fated in the realm of gambling. In western culture, thirteen is always considered fateful, from the days of Last Supper where thirteen people dined together. The thirteenth man was Judas, who betrayed Lord Christ. Because of this belief, most players avoid this number, especially in roulette. But in Asia, this number is considered auspicious. Number seven is the most loved number universally among gamblers, as it represents affluence.

If you feel an itch on your hand, other gamblers will see it as an upcoming win. But in Bulgaria, it is. Otherwise, a person with an itchy hand never gambles on that day in fear of losing money. But in Siberia, the belief is otherwise it is an omen of fortune. So they indulge in gambling when their hands itch.

But having fun at online EZ Slot matters. The realm of gambling is filled with weird superstitions. Sometimes it can boost your morale, but as long you do not get addicted to it is fun.